The Supreme Need – Andrew Murray (eBook)


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The Supreme Need – Andrew Murray (eBook).


This eBook comes as a bundle in 4 different formats: ePub, Kindle,  Pdf and text, to facilitate the use of your favorite eBook reader.


“The Church of Christ should be the channel of comfort and encouragement in this time of suffering, but as one has said: Has it not in large measure been forgetting its great privilege of continual fellowship with Him in prayer, and thus been depriving itself and the world of rich and abundant blessing?

“Must we continue to see those who are in need of comfort and prayer-help, without these blessings? Surely not; the prayerlessness of the Church should be taken upon the heart of all true intercessors, and the burden of forgetfulness of its privilege be borne before the Throne of Grace till we see the little flames of prayer, which are already kindled, fanned into a mighty blaze . . . until there he such a breaking forth of intercession that revival will come to the whole Church of God.

9 pages.



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