The Spirit-Filled Life – John MacNeil, Andrew Murray (eBook)


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The Spirit-Filled Life – John MacNeil, Andrew Murray (eBook).


This eBook comes as a bundle in 4 different formats: ePub, Kindle,  Pdf and text, to facilitate the use of your favorite eBook reader.


“I have written only for the “babes.” The “full-grown,” the “perfect,” who may read will kindly bear this in mind. A wide and more or less intimate acquaintance with the Churches of Australasia has shown me the need for a simple, homely talk, such as this little book professes to be. Many, oh! so many of God’s dear children are living on the wrong side of Pentecost, living on the same plane as that on which the disciples were living before they “were filled with the Holy Ghost;” and thus by their lives practically making the sad confession, “We did not so much as hear whether the Holy Ghost was given,” or “whether there be any Holy Ghost.” The object of this little work is to call their attention to their Birthright, to the fact that the Fullness of the Spirit is the Birthright of every believer. God wants us to be living this side Pentecost, not the other side.”—John MacNeil

118 pages.


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