The New Life – Andrew Murray (eBook)


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The New Life – Andrew Murray (eBook).


This eBook comes as a bundle in 4 different formats: ePub, Kindle,  Pdf and text, to facilitate the use of your favorite eBook reader.


Written in plain, accessible language, The New Life offers those fortunate enough to read it a straightforward, introductory guide to Christianity. The book summarizes, in a respectful and reverent manner, the key tenets of the faith in a way that will interest and engage readers eager to understand what is important to all Christians. Murray’s tone is steeped in brevity, but also the wisdom acquired in his years delivering sermons and understanding the Christian way of life.

A superb and inspirational manual, The New Life asserts that those who believe in Jesus Christ receive a new lease of existence. If they walk truly in His name, follow the virtues expressed by Him and His followers in the Gospels, then life will proceed in a happy and fortuitous manner. This abiding truth of Christian devotion is what Murray seeks to instill in children and young people who read this book.

Andrew Murray was a preacher and author with much experience tutoring congregation members of all ages. For a long time he had encountered young Christians who wished to gain insight into the faith in a manner that was brief, simple and yet profound and true. It was thus that Murray penned and published this book, which has had an appreciative following ever since it first appeared towards the end of the 19th century.

116 pages.


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