The Inner Chamber And The Inner Life – Andrew Murray (eBook)


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The Inner Chamber And The Inner Life – Andrew Murray (eBook).


This eBook comes as a bundle in 4 different formats: ePub, Kindle,  Pdf and text, to facilitate the use of your favorite eBook reader.


Andrew Murray’s classic guide to nurturing the inner spirit relates many inspiring spiritual stories, such as the life of the Prophet Moses and God’s thoughts as dispensed by the Lord Jesus Christ. An all-embracing tour of Biblical profundity, The Inner Chamber and the Inner Life looks at a variety of Bible stories and incidents to show the reader how to be mindful of the essential teachings of God. The titular ‘inner chambers’ refer to the atmosphere in which the truest prayer takes place; it is by admitting ourselves to these regularly that we attain authentic ‘inner life’. In writing this book, Murray aims to prepare and motivate the reader for this closer connection to the divine. Yet this book is not simply a devotional with an emphasis on prayer; it is a manual which discusses improving one’s relationship with God. Keeping oneself mindful of the sacrifice and efforts of Jesus, and carrying out the virtues preached by the Son of God is paramount to gaining a closer bond with the force of the Lord.

184 pages.


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