Experience Resurrection Power – David R. Hibbert (eBook)



Experience Resurrection Power – David R. Hibbert.


This eBook comes as a zipped bundle in 4 different formats [AZW, ePUB, Kindle and PDF] to facilitate the use of your favorite eBook reader.


In this eBook, David Hibbert looks at the three parts of the cross; the vertical board, the horizontal board, and the foot of the cross, to explain the three most important things that Jesus did on the cross for us. He also shares a little understood consequence of Jesus’ work on the cross that is indispensable to embrace, if we are going to truly experience Christian maturity in our lives. He clearly describes what must happen when we come to the cross, if we want resurrection power in our lives. He also shares an amazing fact about an overlooked Christian ordinance that was designed by God to give us a special impartation of grace for experiencing resurrection power.


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